Getting started with Machine Learning

I'm in the early days of learning about Machine Learning on AWS. I do tend to equate "buying more resources" with learning, which of course isn't always the case.

Earlier in the year I watched Amber Israelsen's Pluralsight course Fundamentals of Machine Learning on AWS. Pluralsight is offering free access across their whole platform during April 2021.

Humble Bundle's Machine Learning Zero to Hero has loads of excellent books by Manning. I've started with the very approachable Machine Learning for Business Using Amazon SageMaker and Jupyter which, for as long as the bundle is on offer, is in the cheapest tier (71 pence).

On Twitter, I have for the last year or so been following Santiago a Machine Learning specialist, who tweets extensively. During a Gumroad sale this week, I purchased his video course on how to get started with Machine Learning. I also follow Pratham Prasoon who is 16, and tweets his journey on learning ML.

And then to round it out, a Udemy course on the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2021 with Frank Kane and Stephane Maarek, which is great.