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·Aug 14, 2022·

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As a Cloud Engineer, I'm occasionally asked which resources I'd suggest for someone just dipping a toe into the waters of learning Azure.

There's plenty of excellent content available for free or quite inexpensive, and to suit different learning styles.

YouTube videos

I'd probably start with John Savill, particularly as he has a weekly update, and curated Playlists

Similarly Tim Warner is an excellent instructor: (or see his content on Pluralsight)

Nana from "TechWorld with Nana offers "DevOps Simply Explained" and her content is a great blend of broad and deep:

I learned lots about Docker from watching Bret Fisher, so would highly recommend his videos

I've learned loads from watching [Nick Janetakis] (, particularly that he offers tips from the perspective of someone running Linux tools on top of a Windows environment.

It still surprises me that freeCodeCamp is indeed free:

Courses (mainly chargeable)

LinuxAcademy/A Cloud Guru (across Azure, AWS, GCP) always have some free stuff although I have subscribed for years, and particularly rate the recent Kubernetes content by William Boyd. I'd start with CKAD

I've enjoyed the breadth of content available at Pluralsight. I've mentioned Tim Warner above, but also highly rate the security courses by Dr Lyron Andrews

If you have more of a DevOps emphasis, I'd recommend KodeKloud particularly for the question / interactivity on testing whether you know your stuff.

Do you agree with my recommendations? What other hidden gems should I know about?

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