Using OpenLP to share content in Teams

I'm no gamer, but on the few YouTube streams I've seen, one of the most impressive elements is seeing content creators switch between visual and audio sources, often by using hotkeys, or even dedicated hardware like the Elgato Stream Deck.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is very popular, but it struck me yesterday that another piece of open source software, designed with churches in mind, might be a great simple addition for anyone who does occasional training over Zoom/Teams.

OpenLP (from supports bringing in Presentations (PowerPoint, LibreOffice), Images, Audio/Visual with VLC. It has installers for Windows, Linux and Mac, and even has a remote control apps for Android/Apple

I've used it when delivering online training, where I wanted to hop between Presentations, and then bring in a screenshot, or show a short video.

I think it would be a good fit for an "all-hands" type meeting, particularly if the person tasked with sharing the content is giving multiple presentations, plus video, plus images (thinking of a recent meeting where we showed new company branding).

There's also a "custom slide" option, where you could create content on the fly (displayed on top of a custom background), which might be more flexible than editing the PowerPoint during the meeting.

What do you use to share content like this over collaboration software?