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AKS baseline course

In January 2024, I launched Terraform AKS baseline clusters - deployment walkthrough


My LinkedIn profile starts:

Nick Romney is a seasoned, hands-on IT professional who’s bridged the gap between Ops and Dev teams for years - and most-recently helped a smaller bank on its journey to containerisation on Kubernetes whilst retaining strict security controls expected of the financial sector.

He holds the U.K. Master’s degree standard Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) security qualification, paired with many certifications on Terraform, Kubernetes, Security, AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Head to the certifications page to read the full list, and my tips on studying.

A minor tweak to the location of brackets in the menu code to improve performance means that “my” code helps power more than two out of every five websites on the internet, and that I’m listed in some illustrious technical company as one of the WordPress copyright holders.

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