Learning vim

Tips on learning Vim as I moved my primary toolchain to Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL2

Getting started

Tips and tricks

Going deeper

1:00 vim has a mythology of being impossibly hard.
2:30 Stay out of insert mode.
3:30 Disable arrows, to work on getting used to hjkl movement.
4:20 As you get more advanced let go of hjkl
5:00 learn advanced shortcuts:
w to move one word at a time
b (back)
e (ends of words)
ge (back end of words)
f (find)
5:50 advanced functions to delete chunks of phrases t ct
7:12 delete find df (delete until it finds a specific symbol you are looking for)
8:40 relative numbers (example -16,-1co.) this copy pastes a chunk above the line where you are (or below)
9:20 H M L (high medium low)


Muscle memory

Re-mapping Esc key

  • Long discussion on ycombinator of options for alternate keys, particularly
    • Mapping jk to Esc
    • Making CapsLock be Esc on a single press, and CapsLock when pressed in combination with another key

Ultimate Vim .rc: https://github.com/amix/vimrc